Psychological Trauma

While the majority of personal injury claims are for physical injuries, it is also possible to claim compensation for psychological trauma. Psychological injuries are often caused by sudden traumatic or stressful events outside the realm of ordinary experiences, such as a road traffic accident, accident at work or clinical negligence.

These injuries, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety disorder, can have life-changing effects that are sometimes more debilitating than a physical condition.

Psychological trauma claims usually accompany or form part of claims for physical injury, but they can also exist on their own. For a psychological trauma claim to be valid, the symptoms of the condition must persist for several weeks following the traumatic incident that caused it and have a significant impact on aspects of daily living.

There are two types of psychological trauma victims: primary victims and secondary victims. Primary victims are people who are directly involved in an incident and have suffered psychological trauma as a result of someone’s negligent actions. Even if you weren’t physically injured, if there was a threat of serious injury which has caused you to suffer psychologically, you may have the right to claim and receive the help you need. Secondary victims are individuals who suffer a psychological reaction to witnessing first-hand a serious accident.

You can read more about some of the symptoms of psychological trauma here.

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Accidents can cause more than physical injuries

The after-effects can include stress and trauma

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A psychological trauma claim CAN
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Psychological Trauma

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