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Our Complaints Procedure is set out in our Client Care Letter and is as follows:-

i) If you have any complaint, at all, about the service you receive, then please direct it initially to the person dealing with you claim. Our experience is that many claims arise out of simple misunderstandings and the vast majority are easily resolved by discussing your concerns directly with the person involved.

ii) If it is not possible to resolve matters in this way, then please submit full details of your complaint, in writing, to Mr Charles Atha, either via e-mail or post. Mr Atha will acknowledge your complaint within 7 days and invite you to a discussion to enable us to understand the issues involved. If the matter cannot be resolved at that meeting, then a full investigation will be conducted, and Mr Atha will advise you as to the conclusion of that investigation within 28 days.

iii) If you are not satisfied with the ultimate conclusion and investigation, then you have the right to refer matters to either the Legal Services Ombudsman or to the Solicitors Regulation Authority. We shall provide full contact details upon request.