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Accidents at Work
Posted on: March 15th, 2022

Surprisingly, almost 200 years ago Employee Safety was considered important enough to require legislation.  The Factories Act of 1833 focussed on protecting children in the workforce of UK Textile Factories.


Times of course moved on and by the early seventies there were too many instances where workers were being exposed to dangerous working conditions in factories, mines etc.  This lead to the creation of the Health and Safety Act 1974.  Until then there were approximately 8 million employees with no legal protection at work.


Teesside of course has a huge heritage of heavy industry and factories which have brought about a legacy of an unfair share of accidents in the workplace. Some people’s health and happy lives were effectively destroyed by workplace accidents and industrial diseases – Many, we are pleased to say,  have been successful at securing compensation.


Suffice to say – the vast industry that has been created, is ever growing and dedicated to enabling employers to do the right thing by their staff, is that of Health and Safety.

Additionally – employers are legally bound to have insurance in place that protects employees from the consequences of an accident at work.


Most Employees do not take claims against them personally.  They know it isn’t personal. This is why it is important that IF YOU HAVE HAD AN ACCIDENT AT WORK, even if you believe you may have been partly responsible do not worry about making a claim.


Accidents at work do happen.  Employers know that they are covered by insurance and most just hand all the dealings over to their insurance company. They often don’t get closely involved and are very unlikely to take a claim personally. At Atha & Co we have had decades of success in work related accident claims. It is what we do and It is all that we do!


If you have been injured in an Accident at Work then call us today on Middlesbrough 222575 or find us online or on Albert Road, Middlesbrough, opposite the Cleveland Centre.





Written by: lk

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