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Why You are More Likely to Have a Severe Road Traffic Accident in the Winter

Posted on: November 29th, 2021

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Winter is just around the corner again and you might be looking forward to Christmas Films and the Christmas party nights, but you also need to be aware that driving is more challenging and there is an increase in the number of severe road traffic accidents in the winter. 

A study from car insurance provider Admiral revealed that November, December, and January have the highest reported car insurance claims. This is likely to be down to the changing weather, poor road conditions and drivers sadly being unprepared for poor weather or ignoring warnings. 

What is a Severe Road Traffic Accident?

As mentioned, the number of serious road traffic accidents increases significantly over the winter months, for an accident to be deemed severe, the involved vehicle or vehicles must be so severely damaged they are undrivable. 33% of claims from November - February were deemed severe in the Admiral study. 

They asked 2,000 drivers a series of questions and found that 23% of the study had been involved in a car accident after driving in severe winter weather. They also found that 10% of the survey had been involved in a car accident caused by black ice on the roads.

How to Stay Safe Driving in the Winter

Winter driving can be challenging for any driver, experienced or new. Here are some top tips to keep you safe when driving this winter:

  • Use the right tyres - Your grip will be seriously reduced in the winter months so making sure your tyres are in good condition is vital. Law requires your tread depth to be over 1.6mm but grip reduces if it falls below 3mm. 

It may also be worth looking into winter tyres which are specifically designed to provide a better grip during the winter months. 

  • Take it slow - The last thing anyone wants to do is rush around but especially in winter conditions it’s important to take it easy. When you drive in winter give yourself extra time to get where you need to be. 


  • Keep your distance - When you drive on snow and ice your stopping distance is much more than it would usually be. This means that keeping a significant distance between you and the driver in front of you is vital. 

Driving in winter can be a nerve-wracking experience, by checking over your car and keeping the conditions in mind you should be safe driving this winter.

Charles Atha – Director of Atha & Co said….

“We really hope that everyone is safe in their driving this winter, however if you are injured in a Road Traffic Accident that wasn’t your fault and need advice on compensation then please get in touch. At Atha & Co our legal experts have been looking after the people of Middlesbrough, Stockton, Redcar, Hartlepool, Darlington and Durham for decades and have a wealth of skill and experience in helping to maximise your claim.”

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