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What to do when you’re involved in a road traffic accident

Road Traffic Accidents
Posted on: December 9th, 2019

Whether you are the driver or passenger, being involved in a road traffic accident can be traumatic – and knowing what stages to take next can be daunting. Find out how to seek the best-personalised advice after an accident.

What is the definition of a road traffic accident?

A road traffic accident involves personal injury occurring on the public highway, in which at least one road vehicle or a vehicle in collision with a pedestrian is involved and which becomes known to the police within 30 days of its occurrence.

What to do when you have had a road traffic accident?

After speaking with your insurance company, get in touch with the Atha & Co team, who will gently guide you through the whole process in a personable way. There’s often a lot of information to get through, so professional help from an in-the-know, independent company will save a lot of your time.

An expert solicitor will gather all information needed, assess the situation and will return with a quick and well-thought-out solution for the client.

Why choose Atha & Co?

When speaking with insurance companies, they may advise you to use their own solicitors; but using independent, local solicitors such as Atha & Co will help you in the long run, looking after your best interest from start to finish.

An insurance solicitor will take you from one call centre to another in order to gather information, and this can be quite a time-consuming process; whereas an independent solicitor such as Atha & Co will take time to offer a personalised service with face-to-face advice and ongoing support.

Not only will you be able to build a trusting relationship with your solicitor, but a local expert is also likely to have knowledge on where your accident occurred, as well as information on how to seek out the best medical advice in the area.

While the majority of collisions result in physical injury, there may be a degree of psychological trauma; and it’s important to note that it is also possible to claim for psychological injuries caused by sudden, stressful situations.

Even if you are not physically injured, if there is a threat of serious injury which therefore causes phycological issues, you may have the right to claim, seeking assistance from the team at Atha & Co.

Whatever the problem, injury or degree of trauma involved, the team at Atha & Co are happy to help, promises quick and quality solutions.

How Atha & Co can help you…

Being involved in a road traffic accident can be very distressing and the consequences often daunting.

It’s the job of the team at Atha & Co to ensure you act fast, seek professional advice and secure your claim in a trustworthy environment.

A qualified solicitor will be with you from start to finish, guiding you from initial claim and compensation queries, to the final outcome and everything in between.

Backed with over 35 years of knowledge and experience, the team will ensure maximum compensation together with the best possible rehabilitation – allowing clients to recover and move on from road traffic accidents.

If you’ve been involved in a road traffic accident and you’re seeking professional advice, contact Atha & Co’s team of expert solicitors on: 01642 222 575.

Written by: Atha & Co

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