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What Makes Atha & Co A Preferred Firm?

Posted on: December 18th, 2020

When it comes to acquiring legal help, you need experienced, knowledgeable lawyers who can communicate all information and advice to you in a manner that you can digest. The team at Atha & Co excels in these attributes. We're focused particularly on helping the people of Teesside with no win no fee injury claims. Our team of qualified solicitors have an impressive 100 years worth of experience between them.

There is a passion about what we do at Atha & Co. Nothing is too complex as we often take on cases that other solicitors have washed their hands of. We feel we have a duty to look after those people who have been affected by accidents which were not their fault. Whether in a road traffic accident, at work, in a public place or through some kind of medical negligence, we have a team of solicitors willing to go the extra mile for clients looking to receive the compensation they deserve.

To take a quote from one of the members at Atha & Co:

“We really care about securing the maximum possible payout for all of our clients – and we do this by really focusing on the questions we ask in our face to face meetings. We dig deeper, we ask more questions, we think long and hard about the implications of the client’s injury on them both now and in the future... On their finances as well as their health.” 

We all feel there is no better approach to injury claims than a personal one.


How We Handle No Win No Fee & Injury Claims


A personal approach is why we are so well regarded here at Atha & Co. Injury claims can become daunting. In a time when you face losing a lot, over the phone interviews and endless emails have little humanity in aiding you through a distressing time. We choose a face to face interview and continuous talks to ensure you comfort through a challenging time in your life.

When going through injury claims, legal jargon can become overwhelming. We are straightforward lawyers and solicitors who tell you how it is, in a way that people can wrap their heads around. We communicate all the legal speak in a way that you understand, but will leave no blank spaces of knowledge in your claim. Both the lawyer and client need to be on the same page, so our clients' needs will be met.

In the same way we aim to help you, we welcome feedback from our clients to ensure that moving forward we adapt to the needs of clients. No claim will be the same, therefore the approach will always require adaptation to the individual. This is something all of us at Atha & Co are very aware of. Moreover, our success rate is 98%, but if a client thinks we can improve in any area of our service, we love to hear about it.

A personal approach from trusted local solicitors is what us at Atha & Co can guarantee. Putting the client as the main priority at the forefront of any claim is what makes Atha & Co not only preferred injury lawyers in Teesside, but successful no win no fee solicitors. Put yourself first when looking into your claims and choose Atha & Co.

Written by: Atha & Co

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