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PTSD Awareness month!

Psychological Trauma
Posted on: June 22nd, 2021


Psychological Injuries are often caused by a sudden, traumatic or stressful event outside of normal experiences. For example an accident at work, clinical negligence or a road traffic accident.

There are two types of psychological trauma victims: primary victims (directly involved) and secondary victims (witness first-hand a serious accident).

While the majority of personal injury claims are for physical injuries, it is also possible to claim compensation for psychological trauma. Psychological injuries :- Depression, PTSD anxiety disorders, can have life-changing effects that are sometimes more debilitating than a physical condition.

Psychological trauma claims usually accompany or form part of claims for physical injury but can also exist on their own. For a psychological trauma claim to be valid it does need to be supported by medical evidence.

If you suffer psychologically as a consequence of the accident or a pre-existing mental health condition has been worsened, then you may be entitled to make a claim. For some people, it will be important to access therapeutic support to help resolve the issues that have arisen for you. Likewise accessing the support you need to help with your recovery

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Written by: Grant

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