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Claiming for Compensation Due to Exposure to Asbestos

Accidents at Work
Posted on: June 1st, 2021

The numbers of those claiming for asbestosis are rapidly increasing each year. Even though the future of our region is undergoing regeneration based around a Freeport and wind-based energy creation, we have a long legacy of heavy industry.  This has impacted the health of many who have worked in the local heavy industry. There are thousands of deaths from asbestos-related diseases every year in the UK, which include lung cancer and asbestosis. Atha & Co can help you if this has affected you.


What is asbestosis?

A diagnosis of asbestos can take several years as it develops within the human body after the initial exposure to it. For the uninitiated, asbestos is a fibre-like material that was used in an abundance of products due to its heat resistant properties. However, the dust that emanates from asbestos can gradually damage organs long-term.


Who is affected by asbestosis?

Nowadays, people are only likely to come into contact with asbestos if they work out of an old building or office. Some of the claimants that are diagnosed with this illness include demolition workers, shipping, scaffolders, electricians, builders, engineers, plumbers, construction and those who have worked in our heavy industry etc.  Claims can also be made by those who have lived near a factory that was exposed to asbestos for a long period of time.


What injury can be claimed against?

According to NHS, the exposure to asbestos can be linked to the following:

  • Mesothelioma - a cancer that developed within internal organs from the thin layer of tissue, which is called mesothelium

  • Lung cancer - this is caused simply by inhaling the thin fibres of asbestos 

  • emphysema

  • Pleural thickening - this is a lung disease in which substantial scarring is caused to the lining of lungs, which over-time, causes severe consequences to breathing

  • Asbestosis - an inflammation of the the lungs, which causes scarring and occurs due to the long-term exposure to asbestos


Making a claim for asbestos disease

If you have been unfortunate enough to be exposed to asbestos and have a related disease, you are entitled to compensation. At Atha & Co, we have many years’ experience in dealing with such claims which often can be very complicated. Success can often depend on identifying the insurers of businesses which have long since disappeared. This is sometimes an extremely difficult task, but it can be done and we have been successful.

Charles Atha of Atha & Co said:

“With an abundance of skills, expertise and success in claims for personal injury in the workplace, our qualified and very experienced solicitors will help you achieve the compensation you deserve as well as supporting you through what can be a difficult time.”

Written by: Atha & Co

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