Tens of thousands of pounds recovered – glass lacerations in a club

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One particular claim which springs to mind involved a lady who slipped and fell in a local club, whilst on a night out with her friends.  Unfortunately the club allowed people to take drinks and glasses onto the dance floor.  Inevitably glasses and bottles had spilled and in this case a glass had been dropped and broken.  The club also allowed people to dance in bare feet and inevitably this lady stepped on the broken glass, causing severe injuries to her feet but, worse than that, she inevitably fell over and suffered further lacerations when she came in contact with more broken glass on the floor.

The club attempted to deny liability on the basis that they had no means of stopping people taking bottles and glasses onto the dance floor and they also even tried to argue that it was this ladies own fault, in that she had slipped and fallen on her own glass and was basically the author of her own mis-fortune.  In the face of a denial of liability we pursued the claim all the way to a contested hearing and were successful in establishing that the club were negligent in failing to properly supervise their own premises and ensure that people were not allowed to take glass and bottles onto the dance floor, which clearly created a foreseeable risk of injury.  The lady suffered serious scarring both to her feet and legs, together with a degree of psychiatric injury arising as a result of the trauma.  She recovered several tens of thousands of pounds in compensation.