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A particularly interesting case summary would be when we acted for a family who were involved in a fairly simple collision where they were struck by a vehicle coming out of a side road.  The circumstances of the accident were very straightforward and simple, but the difficulty was that these clients had been referred to a firm of panel Solicitors by their injuries.  These Solicitors did nothing for them over a period of months and as a result of that, and as a result of the way that the Solicitors had initially dealt with their claim, the insurers of the vehicle that was a fault, did not believe that our clients were injured, either to the extent which they claimed or, indeed, at all.  They took the view that this was a staged accident and that it was in fact fraudulent.  The original Solicitors then abandoned them and they came to ourselves.  Despite the allegations of fraud, we discussed matters in detail with them and took the view that they were genuine and that we would be prepared to help them, despite the allegations by the insurers acting for the driver which caused the collision, refusing to accept liability and alleging fraud.  We persevered with the claim, issued proceedings, directed and supported them throughout the litigation process, which was particularly difficult for them, given the allegations of fraud, but we nevertheless took the case all the way to Trial where the Judge found that they were, as we had always believed, genuinely injured, as a result of no fault of their own and awarded appropriate compensation for their physical and psychiatric injuries.  The amounts at stake were not particularly significant, but for our clients, and indeed ourselves, it was the principal that was important.  They were determined to stand up to the insurers who questioned their integrity and we supported them in their stance and were delighted that they were ultimately successful.